"Beyond the bounds of these parts, the slightly anarcist and dissolute labourers who did piece-work, were called bintars, from the German word 'Winter', due to the fact that during winter one would eat (and drink) what had been earnt in the summer whilst travelling around Europe. When they left, they would take the train form right outside the inn, direct to Vienna, where another Bintars inn would be wating for them in the neighbourhood of Sudbahn Station."

"Osterie D'Italia" - Slow Food Editore- 1998

Aside from the ham, it is possible to
savour other typical meats, like "point of a knife" salami or shoulder fat.

Accomplement of regional or house wines.

Reservation is preferable for Sundays and national holidays.
An ample car park is available to the public.

The premises are situated in Via Trento e Trieste, by the traffic lights. They are easily reached if upon entering the town you follow the signs to the civic hospital (ospedale civile), which is located about 100m from the "prosciutteria".

CLOSED:Wednesday aft. Thursday
OPENING:Midday and Evenings
PRICES:20-30 Euros

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